Electromagnetic Balancers - $400 (two units)

Bring your body back to health with the Electro-Magnetic Balancer.

Our Electromagnetic Balancers reduce the adverse effects of EMF's (Electrical Magnetic Fields) from computers, florescent lights, power lines, hand held devices, microwaves and more… in the home or workplace.

Our Guarantee: If no changes are seen within six months, we will refund purchase price in full. No questions asked.

The Power Tower - $95

Bring new Balance into your life with one of our Power Towers.

Take it to family gatherings, dinners, business meetings - anywhere whether at work or play.

It will relieve stress; you'll feel more relaxed.

Car Balancers - $75

The purpose of the Car Balancer is to absorb magnetic fields from the engine, reduce engine wear and friction, an action that can extend the life of the vehicle.

Our Car Balancers:

  • Improves gas mileage and enhance performance.
  • Reduces rust perforation
  • Reduces or eliminate travel sickness for people and animals.
  • Helps to improve sleep in motels and hotels when traveling.
  • Can be used in the office to harmonize office work space.
  • Improves the storage of foods when used in refrigerators.

    *Prices do not include applicable taxes.

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     Electro-Magnetic Balancers
    The Electro-Magnetic Balancers bring your body back to health. The Electro-Magnetic Balancers reduce the adverse effects that electro-magnetic fields that eminate from computers, microwave ovens, clock radios, lights and generators...

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    "Expect a miracle today."

    Items to Print

    Click here for the Something Wonderful Poster
    Print and post next to your desk, on the fridge, by the front door. Get ready for something wonderful to happen.

    Click here for the Purple Zero Point Field of Energy Plate with Heart (in PDF). Read about why it works and how to use it.