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Electromagnetic Balancers
Bring your body back to health with the Electro-Magnetic Balancer. Our Electromagnetic Balancers reduce the adverse effects of EMF's (Electrical Magnetic Fields) from computers, florescent lights, power lines, hand held devices, microwaves and more… in the home or workplace.

ADR Protector, Bio-Stimulator
Personal Protection - The ADR-Protect is used to reduce the negative symptoms associated with the effects of emf, cell phone radiation, microwaves and other forms of emf pollution. This Award winning device from Europe is recognized internationally.

Under the Rainbow Healing Stones (River Rocks) and Jewellery
The benefits of under the Rainbow Healing Stones Jewellery include increased creativity, focus and clear thinking, higher productivity at home and work, stress elimation.

Collapsible Dowsing Rods with Case
Hold the dowsing rods about shoulder length apart, and do not grip tightly. Relax your arms and just hold them as it feels appropriate. Dowsing rods are usually used...

All Natural Soil Balancer
The All Natural Soil Balancer is a supplement and treatment to promote and sustain healthy plants, trees, shrubs and lawns.

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 Electro-Magnetic Balancers
The Electro-Magnetic Balancers bring your body back to health. The Electro-Magnetic Balancers reduce the adverse effects that electro-magnetic fields that eminate from computers, microwave ovens, clock radios, lights and generators...

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 Watch the Peter Webb Story
The Peter Webb Story VideoEMF Fee Zone is the result of many years of research, by Peter Webb, into the biological effects of electro-magnetic fields on plants, animals and humans.

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